All set up

After taking detours involving setting up Wordpress on Heroku, exploring Dropbox-driven blog creators, writing a blog engine in Django, and other feats of over-engineering, I'm finally set up!

I've settled on Namecheap for hosting, NodeJS on Heroku with Express+Handlebars for the main site, Blogger for blogging, and Disqus for comments. Total cost? Free! (Except for the domain name.)

I spent more time on CSS than I expected, partially because I started using the new Bootstrap 3 for the first time, partially because I always spend more time on CSS than I expect. I grabbed the Cosmo Bootswatch theme because it felt cleaner, but I ended up writing a bunch of custom CSS anyway. It turned out to be particularly involved to customize Blogger to behave the way I wanted it to on both desktop and mobile. I wish the platform provided just a little more flexibility, but I'm glad for the convenience.

I started putting together a Projects page, and I'll also be working on some posts about my work so far at Khan Academy.

Edit 11/17/13: Turns out I wasn't done after all -- I decided it would be fun to write it from scratch after all, this time in Node.js. But now I'm basically all set up, I swear :)